Been a while since I updated you all on what we previously discussed.

Our upcoming project is finished. It passed the mastering process a few days ago and now we are ready to unleash these new songs on you. We are now working on the media side of things, films, posters, photo shoots, titles etc.

Expect this to be all yours in the Spring/Summertime of 2017. I am very excited to be sincere. Hehe!

I stand by my decision to never perform MIRACLE DARK live. 

I will be performing the 2017 record live for you in its entirety and it is going to be....wow....

I will be performing with REAL EXPERTS again in 2017 after taking a much needed break. Our 2015 was intense and we had a quiet year in 2016. We have some big shows confirmed for 2017 so I hope to see some of you at these shows!.

I will have so much more to give you in 2017 regarding the new record. I am beyond excited for you to hear the sound and momentum....you will want to DISAPPEAR into this...


Daniel xo