Daniel Angelus will release a brand new music video for the track WHAT I GAVE YOU WAS NEVER ENOUGH on August 19th 2019. The song is one of four tracks available on the new EP ‘Act I’ that is in over 60 stores worldwide and the video will be the 2nd music video released from the new EP. The video will go live to the world at 8am GMT. Two teaser images from the video can be seen below.


personal thoughts(by daniel)

some thoughts: i can not testify enough to the power and importance of Love. i can not tell you how incredibly healing and important showing empathy and Love is. it is so much more useful than anger, frustration, selfishness and misery. the way I drift in and out of peoples lives feels more like i am some sort of quiet original angel. no gods, no wings, nothing but raw human connection and a will and wisdom few experience, that i gained through tremendous trauma and suffering. my songs are often my lessons.the thoughts and feelings of people who I have sadly lost, gained and experienced tragedy with. i can not tell you enough how much of a heavy heart I have experienced and how my life has been one constant of observing suffering, i feel like I wander through suffering, performing audio CPR to those who need it. pulling them back from the edge. if this is my life, then let it be my service to the world to deliver the wisdom and philosophy of 'lesson learned' and 'empathy' in song. the stories I get from fans of how my music affected them has given me further purpose with ACT II and beyond. i feel you. i hear you. i see you and I really love you.



See below a fan compilation of footage from Daniel Angelus’ intimate return to the live stage in Derby, England on June 1st 2019. Also included are some photos sent in by fans. Also find the setlist at the bottom of this article. Thank you to everybody who sent in photos and video!.






TAKE ON ME(acoustic)


Sweden Shows Postponed

Hello everyone. daniel here. so bad news first, I got off the flight to Stockholm, Sweden before it took off due to having an enourmous panic attack that I just could not get under control, triggered by recent events in my private life and some issues with the plane. I tried my best but they kept delaying the flight and keeping us sat on the tarmac with nowhere to go and nothing to do and my already struggling mind had done so well to fight on until they announced another 45 minutes of waiting and I just could not stick it out any longer. I am deeply sad about not performing these two shows in Sweden but we are working on fixing this longterm with a scenario that has me avoiding boarding an aeroplane. I am still going to perforn the show in England as planned. We have a lot of shows and locations planned over a 4 year period at the moment and we have realised that unless I get completely drunk off my skull, planes are a problem for me. So we are readjusting our whole touring plan to accomodate my mental health with regards to aeroplanes sitting on tarmac for hours.

I am gutted. I am deeply embarassed. I am super awkward about it. I fucked it up. And I am sad that I got off the plane which ironically taxi’d off 5 minutes later. But I know I have work to do on my anxiety and I am going to work so hard on healing myself with help, so I can fulfill the rest of my to be announced shows. And we are planning on returning to Sweden to make up for these shows being postponed too.

I apologise to anybody who made plans to see me live in Sweden and to anybody that feels let down, trust me, its hurts me beyond belief. But I know who I am and what I am capable of with a little work and focus, and my main focus is getting back out on the road in 2019/2020 to fulfill my shows and work on more positive mental health and figuring out better coping mechanisms for my anxiety disorder. I do not regret my decision to postpone these 2 shows, my health is really important, but I do wish this was easier sometimes.

I am overwhelmed by the universal love for my last 2 records. I can not wait to perform live over the coming years and I hope for a little patience whilst I learn to step out in to the big world after a trauma.

See you on the road again soon, daniel xox