Hi everyone, Daniel here, just want to say a HUGE thank you to every publisher and blogger and radio station that is playing, talking and sharing my music. It is HUGELY appreciated and helps us to be proud of Wired for Heartbreak and the record we truly think is some of our best work ever.

BROADTUBE dropped us this link and I wanted to share it. Thank you to Kolade Olamide for giving us the shoutout!


Check it out here:



I was sent this link via email to a brilliant website called JAMMERZINE a few days ago and I was really touched that they featured my song Reflection on their Daily Dose feature that they do on their website and social media. I wanted to share it with you all as it made me smile.

Thank you Jammerzine for discovering my music and showing it to the world. I greatly appreciate this. Check out the article right here:



My new record was featured on SUL PEZZO in Italy today and I think this is brilliant. I have done an interview for another Italian publication this week that you will get to read soon so it was really cool to see this small article on my music today! Thank you! :)

Read this article at this link, it is in Italian, and keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon! -



I proudly present the music video for The Heartbreak of Goodbye from my new album 'Wired for Heartbreak'. This video follows the same sci-fi vein as the first video for Reflection and I hope this video is just as mysterious. I intended for you to spot and see a LOT in the video and you may have to watch it multiple times to see all the clues and make your mind up just what is going on here. I love the mystery created and I love the intrigue this may create in you. Long live the mysteries....


Tunedloud magazine reviewed my new album 'Wired for Heartbreak' and posted a version of the article online. The printed magazine I am featured in goes out on April 25th 2018 and you can purchase a copy to your house on the official website. A link to the online version of my feature with the review is right here at this link -


Danu5ik Feature's REFLECTION on 5IK Beats Radio Show

It was my privilege and honour to be featured on Danu5ik's radio show this week and next week. Danu5ik gave 'REFLECTION' its first ever radio play internationally and it was really great to be featured amongst such great music and artists on a really superb show. Danu51k has an incredible music career that I admire and respect. Big love! -  Listen to the show here and he slides my track to finish the show! -