hello everyone that reads this. daniel here.

i promised you would hear from me in the new year around the time that we release a new record so hello, here i am. i am going to drop this message here before all the media appears and all the reviews and crazy things fill the news feed.

i have some cool reveals as well for you as we are now 10 days away from the launch of the first act in my new musical journey. scroll down below for the official artwork for the first act that is released on april 15 and also the tracklisting as well. here i am going to write some thoughts and give you an update on just what ‘the acts’ is and how i plan to unfold it all for you.

first of all i am absolutely on an emotional rollercoaster in these last few days before i share with the world the first part of a large series of amazing musical stories that are in equal measure emotional and vibrating with energy and pace. the first act is a record that i have wanted to make with david emery for over 10 years and i was never able to capture the sound right but we worked so hard on this project that the stars aligned and i got all i could dream of for the record. daryn brown in london really patched up the over arcing sound and made the songs feel shiny and strong. i really appreciate daryn brown because he is so patient with me whilst i try to explain to him on non technical terms what i want. i can only ever explain what i want to my team via emotions and colours and feelings and scenarios. daryn and david both have a willingness to go with me and this trust really pays off when we get a final product that sounds really amazing. what i also love about both daryn brown and david emery is that they both really care about how my songs sound. and this is such a blessed experience i have. these guys are really amazing music artists and visionaries that support my work. i am grateful.

over 14 months ago i released a huge concept album called ‘wired for heartbreak’ and i did not expect it to get as much praise or traction as it did. the numbers that came in staggered us and filled us with a wealth of emotions we had never experienced this much before. we took time to figure out our next move and recorded an electro pop ep that would have followed up ‘reflection’ perfectly. i didn’t like this though, i didn’t like the idea of playing it safe and releasing a record that fans of ‘reflection’ would love. i wanted to record something meaningful and i created a project we call ‘the acts’. a ongoing selection of ep’s of which we would record continuously over the coming years in a unique and diverse soundscape. the sound of the first act is very different to anything i have ever released before and it is a huge risk following up a successful record with something that sounds nothing like it.

i have never been scared of risks but the emotion flowing through me before the release of my new record is the most intense experience i can describe. i have never known what it is like to release a record with expectation and the suspense of how the world will receive it is really humbling. however i really feel like this record is the best music i have ever made and i am so excited for the world to hear it and play it and hopefully embrace it, share it and dance to it. take it on journeys in the car and make it a soundtrack to so many experiences that you all have. i am beaming with pride at what we have achieved so far from our very first recordings in a bedroom in 2007 to the platform we stand and dance and sing on today, 12 years later. i feel a great love for the team i work with and i feel like we are about to completely break the records we set for ourselves in 2018.

lastly, i am going out on the road again and bringing a really amazing show to you. we have music from every single record i have released since 2014 (dream pop, miracle dark, wired for heartbreak and act i) available for shows and every single show will have a different setlist and i am also working on a very intimate style of performance to really give these songs the emotional output that i made them with, and have that emotion more experienced by you in a live venue. i have not toured for a few years because i needed a break from live shows but i am ready to bring you some wonderful performances over the coming years in many countries around the world. first stop is sweden. i cant wait to perform for you.

i am really pumped to give you an amazing start to the project and i hope you all blast the new music loud and proud on april 15. thank you so so so so much to everybody who supports my music and my work. i hope you enjoy the first music video as well. i cant wait for you to see it and share it. i will touch down with you all again at a show or via an update right here. enjoy the record, enjoy music, enjoy the interviews and live shows etc, enjoy life. love, daniel xxx

ACT I Cover.jpg







Hello everybody, Daniel here!

Myself and David have been working really hard on a project that is proving a little harder to keep quiet so I felt an update would be needed in which I just tell you what we are planning but I don’t want to reveal too much. Just enough to get us all excited. There is more we do know but we want you to enjoy this when we launch it for you.

I have new music for you in 2019. It is, as you might expect, very different from any music we have created before and I am really excited for you to see and hear a new direction, a new sound and partake in a new project.

‘ACT I’ is the first part of a multiple release project that begins in 2019 followed by ACT II and ACT III in the future. New tracks, new music videos, new sound. A labour of love and patience, a thrilling and exciting journey for all of the team and you, the fan. With that in mind, I took a long break from live shows but now is the time to share what we have lined up in the coming year or so. This is what we have confirmed so far:

October 26 - October 30 2019 - USA Tour

I am returning and performing live in the USA. I will be performing tracks from my two albums and from the 2019 EP ‘ACT I’.

Venues will be announced in Summer/Autumn 2019.

None of this above would be possible without the incredible support of every listener and the music media who have shared my music across the world. I am eternally grateful for you. You wont hear from me now until ‘ACT I’ is revealed in full with everything that comes with that. Until then I will keep posting any media we catch etc. Thank you, Daniel xox



Hi everyone, Daniel here, just want to say a HUGE thank you to every publisher and blogger and radio station that is playing, talking and sharing my music. It is HUGELY appreciated and helps us to be proud of Wired for Heartbreak and the record we truly think is some of our best work ever.

BROADTUBE dropped us this link and I wanted to share it. Thank you to Kolade Olamide for giving us the shoutout!


Check it out here: https://broadtubemusicchannel.com/2018/06/26/daniel-angelus-wired-for-heartbreak/



I was sent this link via email to a brilliant website called JAMMERZINE a few days ago and I was really touched that they featured my song Reflection on their Daily Dose feature that they do on their website and social media. I wanted to share it with you all as it made me smile.

Thank you Jammerzine for discovering my music and showing it to the world. I greatly appreciate this. Check out the article right here: https://jammerzine.com/daily-dose-daniel-angelus-reflection/