Hello folks. I know some of you have asked why I am not touring MIRACLE DARK and why I am not really doing much PR for the album.

That album was about me. It was purely selfish and it was about a portion of my life that I struggled to cope with. I am starting to open up to the media with a few interviews to magazines that I feel can honour my music correctly. See this music business is all a big game and I cant allow my life to be gamed by some cheap writing. It just isn't how I do my art.

The other reason we wanted to avoid live shows is because of what we have and are continuing to work on. I did not want to confuse people with the changes to come. We have been working really hard on something very very different. What I am about to do with my next music project will shock a lot of you long time followers and excite those of you who want real art, real passion and a real story to be told in a unique and ALIVE manner.

Its going to be really scary for me. Everyone I know that is not in my creative team have no idea what we are about to do, but they know we are putting everything into it. I even lost 46lbs of body weight and more for this. The live shows to come. Self esteem. Made huge changes to my life.

It is time to simply do what I believe I can do. One step at a time. One day at a time.

We are going to tell my story and set the scene on fire with one video, one song, and ignite our way to my biggest and most personal work ever.

Be good to yourself. 

See you when it all goes down. 


Daniel x