So close....

Hello everybody.

Well it is updates you want right?

Album number 2 is finished.

The record was Mastered by the wonderful Daryn Brown in London, England.

The record was Produced and crafted carefully alongside me by David Emery.

Both of these gifted and skilled men have enabled me to craft and bring to life something I am immensely proud of and delighted to share with you. I said in July of this year that the album will be released within a year and we are still on schedule to bring that to you on time and on target.

I am currently doing filming for some exciting videos that will be released over the next 12 months alongside the album release.

I have a name and tracklisting for the record and I know which songs will have music videos released for you. These are the above mentioned videos. 

I really cant wait to reveal more in 2018 about the album and let you see, hear and enjoy the album for yourselves and I am really excited to be performing live shows around the world, outside of the U.K for the first time since 2010. 

Not long now. The first announcements will be dropping very soon as we start to give you more and more information to enjoy.

Thank you so much to everybody around me who has been patient and supportive of the recording process and writing process and allowed me the time and patience I need to make this my way.

We are all wired for heartbreak.....