personal thoughts(by daniel)

some thoughts: i can not testify enough to the power and importance of Love. i can not tell you how incredibly healing and important showing empathy and Love is. it is so much more useful than anger, frustration, selfishness and misery. the way I drift in and out of peoples lives feels more like i am some sort of quiet original angel. no gods, no wings, nothing but raw human connection and a will and wisdom few experience, that i gained through tremendous trauma and suffering. my songs are often my lessons.the thoughts and feelings of people who I have sadly lost, gained and experienced tragedy with. i can not tell you enough how much of a heavy heart I have experienced and how my life has been one constant of observing suffering, i feel like I wander through suffering, performing audio CPR to those who need it. pulling them back from the edge. if this is my life, then let it be my service to the world to deliver the wisdom and philosophy of 'lesson learned' and 'empathy' in song. the stories I get from fans of how my music affected them has given me further purpose with ACT II and beyond. i feel you. i hear you. i see you and I really love you.