When we woke up today me and the team knew it was going to be a long day filled with a lot of stress and sensitivity. We have a long two year plan ahead of us to share this album with as many people in the world as possible as well as big plans for our music videos and live shows. We wont stop until we feel we cant do anymore for this record. We had saved a LOT of money up to promote our record in advertising campaigns and behind the scenes music business stuff to have a launch day we could feel excited about. Most artists wont discuss this, we generally are quite open about it, because it is so damn hard to do it. Sacrifice is part of the deal. We haven't had nice things for a while so we could have enough money to give this project a serious chance.

What we did not expect when we woke up today is to hear that our album would chart anywhere at any point. That has never been a goal of ours. We never thought it possible. That changed when we got a contact saying we had charted in Mexico. It included a screen shot. Then we downloaded iTunes and found a way to see the chart ourselves because we still though somebody was teasing us. Well...we took our own screenshots as well to savour the moment because true enough I had charted in Mexico. I debuted at no.6 on the iTunes Alternative Album Chart in Mexico. I also debuted at no.75 on the iTunes Album Chart in Mexico. That's all genres. As of writing this the album is slipping further down the charts but I am intensely grateful for this. I really am. I have no idea if we charted elsewhere. But I am extremely proud of this record and I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who is listening on Google, Deezer, iTunes and Spotify as well as every other store. THANK YOU! 

wired mexico.png
iTunes top 10 ALT Mexico!.JPG