It has been a VERY long journey to get to this point now where I can tell you that you can listen to my new album. It has been a long and hard working year to this point. We have lots of hard work to come.

Click the links on the website homepage or search for the record in your favourite store to listen to this body of work.

The new album has two versions with SPOTIFY getting a very special edition which features two bonus tracks that I felt I wanted you to hear. Very early versions of two songs are on this special edition from the early recording sessions that can help you convey the way I write, starting with the smallest things and then building my sound and ideas around these concepts and working hard with David Emery to make it a movie in your minds, and He did an incredible job helping me realise this, he is a genius who I love deeply for his ability to tolerate my ideas and understand my scope, and then topping it off with the mastering of Daryn Brown whom I believe felt the weight of this work and really gave it a superb sheen and sonic realisation for which I am very grateful.

This record was emotional to make. Me and David even fell out after it was finished for a short while. It took a real toll on us. The story I wrote and how we translated my ideas into this magical record makes me immensely proud. I feel so happy with this record. It is tremendous and emotional and just...perfect for me. I hope you enjoy this work. Thank you for always supporting us and now our journey begins to get this music into the hearts and ears of as many people as we can reach.


Love to you. We are all wired....for heartbreak.


Daniel xx